who am I?

I’ve always been bad at doing these ‘about me’ bits, but I do very much enjoy lists:

* I am His.

*  I am a tattooed, submissive, Gemini girl.

*  I am married 19 years to my best friend/Husband/Sir and we have three children.

*  Our D/s is not bedroom only, we are truly 24/7.  I’m not in true collar and cuffs in public (remember my three minions?), Sir does not spank me in front of the children (hello!) and I’m not naked nearly as often as I’d like.

*  I am pretty funny hilarious, a bookworm, loving, loyal, honest, and very frisky.  I can also be very impatient, anxious, insecure, argumentative, and strong-willed.

*  My noggin is rarely quiet, I over think almost everything and I make a LOT of mistakes.

*  This blog is mine. I tend to ramble and cuss… and ramble some more, but writing helps me process my feelings and stay mindful of my submission.

*  Our D/s probably doesn’t look like anyone else’s and we are more than good with that. Don’t judge. Read, take away from it what you like, and ignore the rest.  Or ignore it all… But feel free to join in and talk to me if the mood strikes!  =)




15 thoughts on “who am I?

  1. today is the first time i came across your blog and I absolutely love it. we have quite a few things in common (married, 3 kids, D/s relationship). i feel sometimes insecure and your blog lifts my spirits. thank you x

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