thinking [friends?] thursday

Do people have friends?
Real friends?
Actual people in real life?
People they count on and confide in?
Do people have friends that share news with them? Friends that tell you things so you don’t find out by murky facebook posts?
People that check in and check up on you?
The kind of friend that you can tell about your daughter’s new job?
Or more than that…
Do y’all have real friends in this lifestyle?
Bdsm friends?
Meet for coffee and discuss your newest spanking invention kind of friend?
Or less than that…
A compatible soul, steadfast and true?
Just the kind of friend you tell you’re having a rough time and they ask for more information?
Do people have friends these days?
Seems like a wistful exaggeration to me.

I have Sir (who is also my Husband of 22 years) but that’s it.
People I thought were real friends turned out to be something less.
Something a little false, a little conditional, a little… Guarded.
It’s fine.
I mostly don’t miss all of that, but on occasion…
I think it might be nice to have a real friend to talk to, drink coffee with, commiserate and have candid conversation with.
But I’m not sure it exists!
Do people really have friends?

Happy almost weekend! Enjoy your friends, if you’ve got ’em! Please wear a mask though. 😉


next level

Always in control.
In charge.
Taking His time
Patient and unyielding.
Working and teasing.
A well-oiled machine.
It is swoon-worthy.
But then there are times
He cannot wait
He will not wait
Instructing me on all fours
His words
‘I have to fuck you right now’
And just like that
He’s in
And I’m over.
That is next-level.

Happy weekend!

– shygirl

yes please

Get down on all fours
Sir slips his belt ’round my neck
This is ride or die.

** I’m not really in the presence of death, I just love breath play. Even when Sir isn’t choking me, I hold my breath. Always have. I’m in no real danger, but I like to feel like I am. We are quite experienced with depriving me of air and Sir is very in tune with my actual intake and limits. He eases up if I show real distress. That’s rare. Mostly you’ll find me leaning against the strap, or rope, or hand – pushing that edge. It’s my jam. Looks like He’s pretty fond of my proclivities, too. Lucky me. 💜

Happy happy Tuesday, blogland!

– shygirl