not that

It’s not that easy. 

Pick up and put down.

It’s not that simple.

Forgive and forget.

It’s not that clear.

Honesty polluted.

It’s not that pure.

Tainted and stained.

It’s not that true.

Words twisted.

It’s not that real.

Smoke and mirrors.
(this is an old one, hanging around in my drafts.)  ~shygirl

twelve moons

Twelve full moons, come and gone

Time has changed, moved along

I’m still here, somewhat the same

Circling the truth, fighting the pain

Unresolved issues, never quite right

Deadliest silence,  tension so tight

Facts don’t lie, vision will clear

Turning to Sir, relinquishing fear

All that I need, found in His eyes

Illusions let go, it’s time to Rise.