The birth of a habit.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve fidgeted with any jewelry that I wear, so when a childhood friend explained to me about the necklace-kissing thing…I was all in. Surely, you know it? When the clasp of your necklace reaches the charm in the front, you kiss it while making a wish. Only then do you return the clasp to it’s proper place behind your neck.

I have done this for years…and had to explain it to many people. My mom still doesn’t get it and will try to fix my necklace when the clasp is only halfway there. I usually let her. 🙂 My wish is always the same…the last time I changed it was 17 years ago and it has really stuck. Maybe by now, it is a wish-prayer-mantra. Anyway, that’s not the point, so get your giggles out.

These days, I wear a very short 14-inch chain with either my pearl or the new charm Sir gave me, to remind me of my submission. This is not required by my Husband, but I feel very odd when I’ve tried to take it off. When my outfit or mood demands something longer, I just throw it on…leaving the short necklace in place. I sleep in it, shower in it…I really only take it off to dye my hair.

The only problem with my “day collar” or “sub necklace” is that I cannot reach the clasp to kiss it when it migrates around to the front! I never said a word about that…how silly can one be!?…but Sir noticed a few months ago. One day He walked up to me, kissed the touching clasp and charm, while I instinctively closed my eyes and made my wish, and then He adjusted my necklace, made everything right in my world…and a habit was born.  Happy sigh. Now, I cannot wait for the clasp migration to occur…the wish, having Sir close, His hands on my neck…a highpoint of any day. Really.

Okay, that is a lot of backstory just to get to this little tidbit:

Thanksgiving, standing in my kitchen, my mom says “Fix your necklace.”  I reach up to do just that, when Sir steps in front of me (He may have said something), leans down to kiss it, and moves the clasp around. Yep, right there, in front of my mom!  Such a teeny-tiny little moment in our busy day but sometimes those small things SCREAM the loudest! I wanted to drop to my knees right there, my heart overflowed with love and surrender, and my brain just couldn’t believe what had happened.  Talk about cloud nine!

That was just the icing on my Thanksgiving Day. The entire day, my Husband reminded my of my place – kept me calm and centered. He’d pull me aside and give me gruff, encouraging words and firm touches. The lack of panties helped, too!

I say it all the time, but the small things are the big things. Scenes and sex are great, but it is the day-to-day that solidifies and grows our D/s.  I am so very thankful to call my Husband my Sir.