gone fishin’


Some people fish for compliments.
Not me. (I wouldn’t believe them anyway)
No, instead, I fish for conversations.

I word statements in odd, strategic ways with the hope that you’ll delve a little further.

Then again, please don’t. That’s a can of worms I cannot open.


But on third thought, I really need to open that can. I need to get those feelings out.

So, yes. Please follow up. Please ask a question!

You’ll probably need to repeat it. You’ll most definitely need to coax and coerce the words from my lips.

It might take more time than you have. You’ll probably need some food, sleep, or just a break. But just hang on another minute!

Please be patient and ask one last time.
I need to answer. I want to. The thoughts get bigger on the journey from my brain. My mouth becomes too small to spit them out.

I’ll get there, though. It might be through tears. The words and feelings might be ugly and embarrassing. But I will get there.


Help me get the words out. They are overwhelming and I want them gone!

Please, when I go fishin’, let me at least get a nibble.