Liebster… sorta

Normally I wouldn’t do these things because well… I just wouldn’t.  However, since it was my Cailin that nominated me… I will try my best to comply. =)

Here are the 11 questions asked of me:

1. Do you like coffee? If not…what’s wrong with you?   I love coffee.  L.O.V.E.  When it first hits my lips in the morning, my day can really start.  And the afternoon coffee I love almost as much.  Late night coffee can be fun. So, yeah, I like coffee.

2. Do you like to read, and who is your favorite author?  I love to read.  I love books.  I don’t even want to talk about how long it took me to get with a kindle.  Reading is always listed as one of my hobbies.  When I grow up (ha!), I hope to have a HUGE, gorgeous library in my home… complete with rolling ladders (that I will NOT climb) and comfy chairs to get lost in. I will read anything, but my favorite books/authors are odd.  I love the 5 book Hitchhiker’s Guide trilogy.  My favorite series of allllll time is the Dark Tower series by Stephen King.  And Chuck Palahnuik is a bizarre genius!  Flowers for Algernon and To Kill a Mockingbird are at the top, too.

3.Where do you like to vacation?  We don’t vacation much, but I like the beach… the sand, the water, the minimal clothing… maybe a drink or two.  😉

4. What are your 2 favorite toys?  Hmmmm… Even though it is probably the oldest toy in our arsenal… the glass dildo!  And… oh man, I don’t know.  I like the flogger a lot.  And His belt. Does the bar count? And the big handled dildo isn’t bad either…

5. Clumsy? Or Graceful? Both… day-to-day I am such a spaz!!!  I am constantly running into door frames, banging my feet/legs/arms on something, tripping over everything and nothing.  But I can be graceful.  I danced until adulthood, so if I’m in that setting, I’m good… and I can do the yoga transitions like nobody’s business.

6. What’s your style?  Seizure!  LOL.  That is what I am naming my style.  I like sooooo many different things and do not feel the need to stick with any one theme or era or anything.  If I like it, I like it, and try to make it work.

7. What’s the music in your life?  A better question might be “What music ISN’T in your life?!”  I have always loved music – I sang in choir for years,  I sing in the shower, in the car, as answers to questions!  I’m not a huge fan of country, but some I can hang with.  I’ve covered this before… I like everything, though punk holds a very special place in my heart.

8.What’s your favorite movie?  We watch a lot of movies!  I love comedies.  Some of my favorites are:  Snatch, The Ref, Fight Club, Grandma’s Boy, Role Models, Ferngully, Toys, Bridesmaids… on and on and on.

9. Do you have a thing you must do every day?  I, too, have to make the bed!!!  I also must have coffee… and put on my eyeliner.

10.Do you love rough sex, or making love? Rough, rough, rough!  Call the cops sort of rough.  I want bruises and no choices and just to be used up.

11.  Do you get to see/spend time with your best friend everyday?  *pouts hard* No. I do not.  Well, I do get to see my Husband/Sir every single day…but my girlfriend, my bestie, my sexy bird is far, far, far away and I am not too happy about that.

Now, 11 random facts about myself, the questions are in bold.

1.  I like candles.  A lot.  There is usually a candle or three going in my house (or the wax burner).  I like many different scents but my all time favorite smell is vanilla.  Do you have a favorite scent?

2.  One of my favorite things to do is take a hot bubble bath and read…but I also love showers.  What can I say?  I like to be wet!  Do you prefer a shower or bath?

3.  I pick things up with my feet.  All of the time. It is very useful, but my Sir teases me about it.  Do you have a weird talent?

4.  I get goosebumps when I really sing.  Do you have an activity (not sex) that really touches your soul?

5.  I cannot touch dry cotton balls or wet wood (like wooden spoons).  It gives me the heebie jeebies.  Some people get the same reaction to nails on a chalkboard.  What gives you that ‘heebie jeebie’ feeling?

6.  I don’t like to let people in, but when I do I tend to let them ALL the way in and overshare. Do you keep new people at a distance?  Or are you an open book?

7.  I like to be choked and fishhooked.  Face + Hands = major hot (and wet) times ahead. Also, biting me anywhere is a guaranteed panty dropper. What sort of dirty thing gets your motor running?

8.  I play video games… and love them.  So much so, that for mother’s day yesterday, part of the time was spent playing Halo.  Do you play video games?

9.  Tattoos.  I have quite a few, I want many more.  Sir has a half sleeve.  I love ink on skin.  Do you like tattoos? Have any?

10.  I love gifts.  I love receiving gifts, but even more than that, I LOVE buying/making and giving them!!!  As far as gifts, would you rather give or receive?

11.  I am obsessed with my birthday.  I’ll be 37 next month and I could not be more excited.  I start counting down about 6 months in advance.  No one around me could POSSIBLY forget, because I can’t keep quiet about it. Do you look forward to, or dread, your birthday?

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Thinking [rough] Thursday

I like the rough.

I like the words that make me bristle.
The words that initially shock, but make me melt into a puddle.

I like the firm grip when maybe I’m not listening well enough.
The grip that tells me I am not on my own – I am accountable, always, to Him.

I like the demands that cannot be ignored, lest consequences be given.
The demands that overwhelm and release me.

I like the strikes that make holding position impossible, that make me cry.
The strikes that wash away my guilt and shame, allowing me to start over.

I like the hands that hold me down, that constrict, that insist.
The hands that hurt, love, and heal.

I like the force that slams mouth, fingers and cock into me, gentleness lost.
The force that tells me there is nowhere else, no one else.

I like the bruises that linger for days, a constant reminder of who’s boss.
The bruises so tender, telling me, whispering “you are loved”.

I like the rough.


Happy Thursday…hope it’s rough!!

thinking [ Sir ] Thursday

There are days that I am overcome with emotion.  The days where Sir cannot get home fast enough.  The days where I am lost by myself, or maybe in myself.  When those days arrive, I am all but powerless to them.  Today is one of those days. So, though this is not a typical Thursday post, it is what I’m thinking about – My Sir, and all that he is and does for me.

He grounds me, yet helps me fly.

He pushes me, yet holds me close.

He guides me, yet lets me wander.

He undoes me, yet keeps me together.

He overwhelms me, yet calms my soul.

He takes my breath away, yet gives me air.

He owns me, yet sets me free.

My Husband, My Love, My Sir…


Happy Thursday!  ~shygirl