Need a lift


Yes. That.

I embrace the idea of that… “if you say you will, be sure you do”…”your word is your bond”… Follow-through.

Follow-through is a bitch. It is devastating when it doesn’t happen from Sir…but at the same time, my follow-through can be somewhat lacking.

Having a bit of a downer day. I’m trying to pull out of it. My allergies are horrible, the medicine makes me feel worse (though I do stop sneezing), and quite frankly, I feel like crap. My head is all swimmy. I have no direction from Sir – He is busy and hasn’t been in contact much. I have zero motivation to do anything.

My chores (what else could I call them?) have all been half done… Washed the dishes, but the dishwasher isn’t unloaded. Did laundry, but it isn’t put away. Purchased groceries, but the bathroom stuff is just on the floor. Weights and bands are ready for me, but working out hasn’t happened.

I’m not feeling very…subby. I’m actually feeling pretty bitchy and aggro.  I want to argue and fight.  I want to yell. I’d sort of like to throw things.

It’s bad. I know it. I hate it.

Maybe I need… A drink. A bath. A beating. A laugh. A good night’s sleep. An orgasm, or seven. A plate of sushi. A hug. A list. A…

I just need something.


Thinking [sex] Thursday

Today I am thinking about sex.

Everyday I am thinking about sex.

Nearly every minute, a thought of sex creeps in.

I want it all the time, any sort of way.

I am addicted. I am obsessed. I want to be posessed.

I want my Sir in me, on me, near me all of the time.

I am forever wet and ready to go. I am always prepared.

Sir gave me 25 belt spankings this morning before He left for work. He wanted me to think of Him today. I love that, but I think of Him every day…in the dirtiest of ways.

I am off to start my real day, but sex always hangs around.

Sex. Love. Sir. Sex.



It’s getting hot in here…

This is a very truncated list of things that get me hot and bothered.  Sir got a much longer one, but His was still pretty short.  I’d be writing for days if I wrote a complete list, since lately everything turns me on.  Here goes…

Coffee with my Sir.  Never like this, because we all know what a goofy klutz I can be, but I’m game to try…


This is not my Sir… but I get weak and wet when He plays guitar…


When He grabs my chin, even just one finger, I’d do anything…



Love the sound of His belt coming off…



Garters and stockings, instant sexy… yummmm….

Hands on my neck…


Especially during…


Biting my neck alone is close to getting me off…


He makes me laugh and laughing gets me tingly…


Restraints…close to heaven…


Sir always holds me like this at the punk rock shows, my favorite…


Wolves… us…

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Sir is always looking out for me…


..and protecting me…


A little peep show goes a long way…


The Heavy… my latest band obsession…so sexy…