Quick thought


Isn’t that the truth!? My imagination has definitely been kicked up a few notches since we started down this path. And my energy? Let’s just say I am ready for anything at all times, to the point where I am wondering if I have a problem. If it is a problem, I am definitely not complaining (nor is MR)!



That simple word melts my heart every time. Long before we married or had children, months before “I love you” was uttered, Sir would squeeze me and say ‘Mine’. I was 19 and I was His. There was nothing that made me happier. I would hear that word and know that He meant it and that I always wanted to be His.

Fast forward to now. I read a lot of D/s or BDSM themed books and in nearly all if them ‘mine’ is said between Dom & sub. Every single time I read it, I think that is our thing, He has said that to me for years! Even all these years later, He will wrap his strong arms around me and say ‘Mine’ and I instantly feel safe and loved and, well, home. And now that we are incorporating D/s into our lives? ‘Mine’ has taken on even more meaning. All parts of me are truly His – mind, body and soul – I am letting go of control and trusting that He will not steer me wrong.