The past two days (is it really only Wednesday?) have been tough. Nothing extraordinarily bad or wrong – just so busy, so vanilla, so overloading. I do not like to complain, in my real life I don’t. I’ve always used my journaling as therapy – a way to work through whatever issues I’m having. I don’t want this blog to become that. So, I’m sucking it up, muddling through and finding my happy place (it’s in my pants! 😉 ).

My Husband said something to me last night, in the midst of my being kind of an ass, that stopped me cold. He grabbed both wrists in one hand, pinned them above my head and grabbed my chin with the other hand. I couldn’t move.

“I am in control. Your body is not yours, I will do what I want. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir”

Though it seems what He wanted last night was to work me up and fall asleep. Ahhhhhh!! I suppose one night off in three weeks is acceptable, but my kitty hardly agrees! Back to the point…

He said that! My Husband, my Sir, totally disregarded my demands for Him to stop touching my face. I was shocked and delighted. He surprises me at every turn with the way He has whole-heartedly embraced D/s. He makes my heart happy.

As fall rolls in and my world becomes consumed with the kids’ school stuff, coaching soccer, watching drill, carting kids everywhere, volunteering, on and on… I will try to keep my submission in the forefront – my vanilla is just too damn loud and stressed out. Nobody wants her around, least of all me.



29 thoughts on “Wednesday…what?!

  1. Something tells me your Sir will remind you of your submission. Its hard to apply it 24/7 with children…take it one day at a time and breath…we will all be out here to also remind you everyday…so it will stay up front and center.


    • Thanks! I know 24/7 isn’t a viable option at this point, but I’m making it my [sub]mission to not get caught up in the vanilla extreme. 🙂 I need all the support I can get!!


      • Sub-port sub-port sub-port for you shy girl!!! We all have those days more often than not.. We are all out here to help!!! Have a wicked day….


  2. Those are the best moments…when they show you their dominance and stop you in your tracks. Mine is doing that more and more because he’s seen how I actually do stop in my tracks and calm right down. What is up with all of us having about a week of feeling crappy? It’s time to throw down and say, “Enough!”


    • I was just thinking the same thing Elle. I think for some of us scho has started so we are getting back Into routine and vanilla is knocking.. Funny how vanilla turns us into raving nuts and D/s keeps us calm…. Lol. Anyone niño to this life would be the opposite.. To funny… Have a great day!!


      • You have a great day too. I also think part of my funk was that last week I was supposed to be on vacation, but that got cancelled and this week friends were supposed to visit, but that got cancelled. I had a few months of looking forward to those two events to only have it all fall apart and I’m just plain disappointed. I was really looking forward to two weeks of fun. Instead of fun I cleaned out all the closets (a thrill a minute). At least I have a lot to donate to charity so that makes me feel like I accomplished something.


      • Awe so sorry Elle… It would be upsetting to not have those 2 weeks.. But you did get the closets cleaned. Lol. Hopefully you will be able to get away soon and maybe te friends will reschedule… I know that disappointed feeling.. Sucks!! Hang in there lady and all will be looking better by weeks end!!! We will make it happen for all us who are in a funk!!! Giggles to you today!!!


  3. Girl…that’s hot! Those moments….I need one. I feel the brat surfacing. I hate to be that way…but I feel neglected…so here she comes…pun intended!
    Yes….happy place is also in my pants *evil cheeky grin*


  4. I’m so with you on the vanilla overload, I work for the school system and went back to work this week…ugh!! Having the summer off was sooooo nice and I was able to really concentrate on my submission. We try for 24/7, but there are many times that we just float back and forth, and in and out of D/s, as the vanilla occasions present themselves. But with this week, and being in such vanilla settings, Sir has had to remind me often of my lack of submissive behavior. What is it about the vanilla world that just pulls us down? I hate it now!


    • Oh I can only imagine the vanilla of the school system… I taught preschool two days a week and THAT was a whole different flavor of vanilla! Good luck with the new school year! I am really hating vanilla, too. My Husband was home to today for some fun before school… The smallest of reminders D/s really help …Now to be able to do that myself.


      • I’m working on it! Lol! I mean I can’t even eat vanilla ice cream any more without loading it up with flavored syrup, nuts, and lots whipped cream, and a cherry on top! When we let vanilla anything seep back into any part of our journey it only serves to reek havoc.


      • Too funny! My favorite candles used to be vanilla scented … Now the thought of bringing them out totally turns me off. Down with vanilla!!


      • Well, it has been my favorite scent for a very long time… Just lately I’ve put them away. Perhaps I should get the vanilla candles back out.


  5. You will see… Your vanilla will change over to make room for your D/s…
    Even if you take it back to just the bedroom .. It will creep out in those little delightful ways that you mention above. Keep working at it!
    Can give you some ideas when you check in with me next week on email…
    LK ❤🐇😊


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